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Macadamian is a full service software design and development firm. From product ideation to market ready – and everything in between, we provide a complete range of usability, design and engineering services. Our solutions are founded in design that thinks of the customer first while leveraging the cloud, Big Data, and the Internet of Things to deliver context-aware and adaptive experiences. We bring unmatched technical chops including broad domain expertise in mobility, VoIP, SaaS, Web and desktop applications, HTML5, iOS, Android and more, combined with our sector expertise in the mobility, enterprise, healthcare and consumer industries.What else sets us apart? We care about the intersections of design and usability, engineering and emotion, while striving to achieve just the right amount of “wow factor.”We’re passionate about what we do. We listen, learn and deliver. Our creative “nuttiness”, collaborative approach and unmatched technical expertise boost your capabilities and drive your success through applications that are meaningful and different.The result? Engaging software solutions that have a direct impact on the bottom line.