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Established in 2012, Leadweb is a technology company focused on building B2B applications that require the latest technologies, specifically projects involving Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and Connected Objects (IoT).APPLICATION DEVELOPMENTWe have assembled a great roster of in-house talent. We master most major programming languages and frameworks such as React, Angular, Node, PHP, Python, Go, iOS (Swift) and Java (Android). Our developers can work either on turn-key projects or integrate our clients teams directly on-site or from our offices in downtown Montreal.BUSINESS ACCELERATIONInnovation being at the core of our business, we put our expertise at the service of promising entrepreneurs who need a skilled team to accelerate their speed to market. We expect to find entrepreneurs both outside and inside our company, as we promote intrapreneurship as well.CONTACT USConnect with us and let’s find out how we can work together; whether you are a business looking to develop innovative applications or an entrepreneur building his/her MVP.By the way, we’re always looking for new talent. Send your resume to info@lead-web.com and we’ll be in touch!